Newyears Resolution: Quit Making Resolutions and Start Doing the Most Realistic and Little Changes as Possible. What’s yours?

Newyears resolution is a tradition came from western civilization, in which, a person will enlist promised positive changes to accomplished for the following 1 whole year.

Heading in the new year, I found out that I failed to accomplish about half of my new years’ resolution. What leads to so many abandoned New Year’s resolutions?

According to researches, unmeasurable and overpromising changes would be more likely to fail.
In order to achieve most of your resolutions, learn how to target the most possible scenario.
So, for my new years’ resolution this coming year 2020, I will quit on making new year’s resolution and start to do little changes right now.

‘Do the most realistic and little changes as possible’
That’s mine – whats yours?

Josh Salcedo
Author: Josh Salcedo

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